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A & B Flooring SYSTEM 1000 – Epoxy Coating


A & B Flooring System 1000 Epoxy Coating
A & B Flooring System 1000 Epoxy Coating

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A & B Flooring, Inc. system 1000 is a 100% Solids, two component epoxy. This system may be used as a thin coat (using a thinning agent), 2 mil coating, up to and including a 62 mil self leveling, flood coat. This coating is excellent in the resistance of abrasion, impact and most chemicals.


A & B System 1000 is a very effective coating in meeting the demands associated with heavy industry and applications requiring VOC compliance. For an even greater finish.

Performance Properties:

  • Coverage is 350 sq. ft. per gallon at 4 mils.
  • Recoat within 24 hours at room temperature.
  • Pot life 30 min. at 75º
    • Cure time at 75º
    • Moderate Traffic - 24 hours
    • Heavy traffic - full
  • Tensile strength of 5,974 PSI
  • Compressive strength of 11,930 PSI
  • May be thinned and used as a primer
  • ASTM 0-968 falling sand test: (amount of sand to remove one mil of coating)
    • A & B System 5000 39 liters
    • A & B System 4000 16 liters
    • A & B System 1000 16 liters
    • Acrylic urethane 13 liters
    • Acrylic Seal 4 liters

Chemical Resistance:

Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Spills Ok - Immersion Poor
10% Acetic Acid
50% Acetic Acid
Spills Ok - Immersion Poor
10% Nitric Acid
10% Hydrocloric Acid
37% Hydrocloric Acid
50% Sulfuric Acid
50% Lactic Acid
50% Sodium Hydroxide
100% Gasoline
100% A-1 Jet Fuel
100% Brake Fluid Auto
Spills Ok - Immersion Fair
100% Skydrol 500A
Spills Ok - Immersion Fair
100% Turpentine
100% Motor Oil


Clear and any standard A & B Flooring color


Attractive, seals concrete, prevents dusting, prevents oil penetration and staining, very high abrasion resistance, increases clean ability while prolonging life of concrete. In most cases this coating is harder than the concrete itself.

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