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Custom Floor Installation in Food Industry

Floors in food industry plants are constantly battered by the regular use of heavy-duty sanitizers. In addition, these floors deteriorate as a result of thermal shock: power washing with hot water done on a floor that is always very cold from refrigeration. The Miller Poultry plant in Orland, IN, had just such a problem and called in A & B Flooring, Inc. to install a custom floor for them. The concrete floor was readied using A & B’s surface prep equipment—shotblasters, diamond grinders, scarifiers, and scabblers. Following Miller Poultry’s tight specifications, A & B elected to go with a ¼” thick urethane mortar system, which requires no primer and is low odor, eliminating the requirement for venting. The urethane mortar was followed with a broadcast of aluminum oxide to rejection, for maximum slippage control because the aluminum oxide does not wear down to rounded nubs like regular sand. A top coat of polyaspartic coating was used to complete the installation because of its superior abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance as well as a one-hour curing time, even at low temperatures. All materials were required to be low VOC to comply with food environment standards. Each custom floor installation A & B performed for Miller Poultry took only two days.

A & B’s experienced staff did a careful evaluation of this tricky custom floor installation and specifically selected a range of durable, fast-drying, low VOC products to meet Miller Poultry’s requirements. Contact A & B today to learn more about their custom floor installation expertise.

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Examples of our Work

Custom Floor Installation in Food Industry Project Highlights

Product Description
Prepped and Installed Quartz system at Miller Poultry
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Installation of Urethane Mortar System
Equipment Used
Urethane Mortar System 
Material Used
Aluminum Oxide
Urethane Mortar and Polyaspartic
Material Finish
Urethane Mortar
Additional Facts
Installed 1/4" Urethane Mortar System with Aluminum Oxide broadcast to rejection for ultimate non-slip, this was top coated with Polyaspartic because of the need for fast cure at low temperatures
Areas had been eroded from the constant use of water and sanitizer. Needed something that would hold up to not only the existing moisture but the thermo shock that is inflicted from power washing with hot water to a floor that is always very cold from the refrigeration
In process testing/inspection performed
Low VOC for compliance to be used in a food environment
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 Days each move-in
Delivery Location
Orland, IN
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Project Name
Floor Installation at Miller Poultry

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